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Dipl. Economist IVAYLO POPOV

Certified / Sworn interpreter and authorized translator of the state of Lower Saxony, Hanover, Germany for Bulgarian. Additionally languages: Macedonian, Russian, Serbian. Other languages on request - professional native translators and interpreters are available.

Professional experience:

business in general, engineering, legal and consular affair, medicine, legalization of documents, translations, interpreting, proofreading, etc.


Administrative visits, courts, business talks, trade fair visits, notary applications, doctor visits, telephone interpreting, etc. Interpreting in the vicinity of: Hanover, Goettingen, Hildesheim, Hamburg, Braunschweig, Bremen, Wolfsburg, Salzgitter, Muenster, Bielefeld.


Certified translations, legalization of documents, certificates, specialist translations, applications, birth certificates, diplomas, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, powers of attorney, certificates etc.

Please contact me by e-mail or by phone.